GoPro Camera Setup for Scuba Diving

I was recently asked what type of video setup I use for recording video during my scuba diving. Below is a list and links to the items.

GoPro Hero 3 Silver with backpack

SRP tray from Snake River Prototyping

SRP Arms with Torch Mounts from Snake River Prototyping

I purchased my tray when it was a prototype about 4 years ago. Ikelite also has some GoPro trays and mounts as well. I preferred this model as it is also made locally.

Tovatec by Intova Mini Wide Angle 220 Lumens LED Torch

Underwater Kinetics Aqualite Video LED Light
Has a 90 degree beam with no hot spots

You can also consider this one as well

MAKO Spearguns 890 Lumen Underwater Photo/Video Light
Has a 110 degree beam

The reason I went with the UK video light was at the time that was the only light with a 90 degree beam or better. I will probably stick with the UK video light as they also have a UV light head I can get for it since I will eventually want to do so night time UV video. I use the Tovatec to provide a center spot when diving at night as its not as bright of a hot spot as others. Unless I am focusing on something in video, I usually keep that light off and only use it periodically to maintain the center of my videos. The setup is 20.0 ounces negatively buoyant in fresh water. I will probably add some Stix buoyancy floats to it to make it neutrally buoyant.


Scuba Diving Pool Session – Fin Pivots

Here is a video of a recent pool session were I was doing some fin pivots for buoyancy control. Always trying to keep up on my basic scuba skills in the winter time here in Idaho.

Neptune Warrior 

​You already know individuals who have PTSD often suffer symptoms of depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. But did you know that in a study conducted by Johns Hopkins, indicated that veterans who finished multiple dives during a one-week time span were able to reduce their symptoms of depression and OCD by 15 percent? Now you know one reason this mission means so much.

Snorkeling with my son

Was at the LDS pool today with my son so he can try out his new dive mask and snorkel.  Also taught him how to snorkel properly as well. He still seems quite interested in learning to scuba dive so will see about getting him into a discover scuba class soon.

Shooting Video Promos for Neptune Warrior

Went to the West Boise YMCA today to shoot some video promos for Neptune Warrior that I am assisting with. Neptune Warrior is a project that is help veterans get back on their feet and to help them cope with PTSD. Check out their site at Check out the pictures here