I was recently asked what type of video setup I use for recording video during my scuba diving. Below is a list and links to the items.

GoPro Hero 3 Silver with backpack

SRP tray from Snake River Prototyping

SRP Arms with Torch Mounts from Snake River Prototyping

I purchased my tray when it was a prototype about 4 years ago. Ikelite also has some GoPro trays and mounts as well. I preferred this model as it is also made locally.

Tovatec by Intova Mini Wide Angle 220 Lumens LED Torch

Underwater Kinetics Aqualite Video LED Light
Has a 90 degree beam with no hot spots

You can also consider this one as well

MAKO Spearguns 890 Lumen Underwater Photo/Video Light
Has a 110 degree beam

The reason I went with the UK video light was at the time that was the only light with a 90 degree beam or better. I will probably stick with the UK video light as they also have a UV light head I can get for it since I will eventually want to do so night time UV video. I use the Tovatec to provide a center spot when diving at night as its not as bright of a hot spot as others. Unless I am focusing on something in video, I usually keep that light off and only use it periodically to maintain the center of my videos. The setup is 20.0 ounces negatively buoyant in fresh water. I will probably add some Stix buoyancy floats to it to make it neutrally buoyant.