So instead of trying to make my current Aqua Lung Seaquest Black Diamond BCD fit the new Doubles tank setup I will be using, I have decided to use a harness/wing setup for them. I have looked into,  researched and have decided to use the Dive Rite Transpac series. For the harness, I have opted for a used Transpac rather than spend the extra on the Transpac XT. I like the wing plates it uses for mounting to the tank and the adjustability. It has has attachments to add to it to switch it to sidemount doubles down the road when I get to that point.i will be also getting the 16# weight pockets to use with this but in the meantime will use a weight belt instead for proper trim.

For the wing, I will be using an Apeks WTX6 that has 60# of lift for the double LP95 tanks I am using. This is a horseshoe style wing.